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Oh man, I almost forgot this great series existed!

teaandcheese responds:

Haha :D

Totally unexpected ending. Great sound and animation, as always.

Glad to see you there and still animating, man.
About the animation's plot - I find it a bit weird that no other blood was used when there's almost always something in stores that'll fit anyone. And someone like her must realise how much more she can do if she maintains herself healthy.
And what about different donored blood types mixing inside? There has to pass some time after this to recreate all that blood, something like 2 months, I suppose?
Plus, I think you should try mixing tweens with keyframes. In some particular scenes it looks a bit too jerky.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I agree I need to work on my smoothness. And as far as mixing blood types, that's why I said that she's a Universal Donor so it doesn't matter. Also, I agree that she should be more careful and try to stay healthy but sometimes people get carried away.

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A very interesting concept - one of the few games where you don't need eyes to play.
Although timings of atacking and blocking are not obvious. And I feel the lack of ambient sounds.

And the biggest cons is that Flash limits audio to only 2 channels - left and right. It would be great to see a desktop application for multichannel sound systems.

Wonderful game. Text is hardly readable in a few moments, but the music and the storyline are perfectly combined. Great job you all! Faved it, and I don't fav games here too often. Glad I got it over RSS.

Can use speedbuffs after hitting the ground. Also need blood if landed on he's head. Much blood pls.

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With such soundtrack that episode would've been a bit less lame :-D

BERSERKYD responds:

hahaha !! Metal always better xD Thanks !

It resembles music from Space Engine...

Hey, where did the download button go? Wanted it to my music library... :-(

MetalRenard responds:

I always wait a few days for feedback before I make it downloadable so whoever downloads it gets the absolute final version.
I'll send you a pm when I make it available. EDIT: Done.
Thanks for commenting!

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Kamikaye responds:

Yep ! Great game !

Some smooth af animations from good old Flecko! Yay!

Sab is alive and keeps drawing :3
This by far is my favorite of your inctober comissions. I love that confused look on her face.

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